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Years of the Trees
Years of the Sun

Ages of Arda

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Second Age
Third Age
Fourth Age
Timeline of Arda

The Years of the Sun was the last of the three early time-periods of Arda, together with the Years of the Lamps and the Years of the Trees all in the First Age.


It begins with the first sunrise, in conjunction with the Return of the Ñoldor to Middle-earth, and lasts until the present day. The Years of the Sun began sometime after the destruction of the Two Trees. Afterwards, the count of time was measured according to the Sun's travels through the heavens and its change of direction and rotation. This continued throughout the rest of the Ages of the Children of Ilúvatar, including the First Age of the Children of Iluvatar, the Second, and the Third, and part of the Fourth in Tolkien's stories.


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