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Queen of the Earth Yavanna by vigshane
Yavanna Kementári, by vigshane


Biographical information

Other names
Yavanna Kementári, Palúrien
Fruit-Giver, Queen of the Earth, Giver of Fruits, Queen of the Valar
Date of birth
Before the creation of Arda
Year ascended to the throne
Date of death
Realms ruled
Powers of the Valar

Physical description

Hair color
Eye color

Yavanna Kementári (full hÍEyE5:# aRt$4#7T or abbrev. hÍy5: aRt$47T; IPA: [jaˈvanna kemenˈtaːri]; Yavanna - "Giver of Fruits"; Kementári -"Queen of the Earth") was a Vala and was responsible for the growth of all the fruits and growing things of the world of Arda. She was also called Palúrien[1][2] (full qEj~M7T`V5 or abbrev. qjUM7T`V5; [paˈluːri.en] or Third Age [paˈluːrijen]) and was the wife of Aulë. She resided in the Pastures of Yavanna, in the south of Valinor.


Beginning in the Years of the Lamps during the Spring of Arda, she planted and caused to grow the first growing things of the world (trees and plants), which she had long prepared. At first, just as every other thing in the world that the Valar nurtured and cared for, these things prospered and throve for a time. Melkor, however, had his own plans and they involved taking the world from his brethren and ruling it for himself. From his great fortress of Utumno in the far north, he sent forth his poisons into the veins of the world blighting the Spring of Arda. Then the things of Yavanna fell sick and rotted and soon after Melkor assaulted and destroyed the Two Lamps, breaking the world.

Afterwards, the Valar relocated to the continent of Aman where they created the Two Trees - the only light in the whole world at that time. Middle-earth was left in darkness, and the living things that survived were put into a great sleep by Yavanna until the rise of the Sun and the Moon many thousands of years later.

After Eru allowed Aulë's creations, the Dwarves, to survive, Yavanna feared that they would cut down all the trees in Middle-earth. Eru answered her plea by creating Ents to protect the trees.[3][4][5]

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