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In the War in the North video game, Wulfrun is a dark sorcerer from Carn Dûm who serves Sauron's most deadly servant, Agandaur, and also leads a group of dark sorcerers called the Cult of the Lidless Eye.

He also writes the Black Speech into scrolls that he and his fellow sorcerers use to cast spells against their enemies.

The War in the North video gameEdit

Wulfrun - like many goblins and orcs - was taught how to wield dark sorcery by his master Agandaur. He was seen at Agandaur's side when he goes to Sarn Ford after the Nazgûl purge it. Agandaur speaks to the Witch-King, the lord of the Nazgûl and proclaimed ruler of the realm of Angmar, that he has gathered his forces at the ruins of Fornost.

Wulfrun doesn't take part in the Fornost level, but he is mentioned in the quest of the "Cult of the Lidless Eye" as the one who writes the Black Speech into the scrolls used by the orc and goblin sorcerers that are later destroyed by lord Elrond of Rivendell.

Later in the game, Wulfrun rides a Fell beast and attacks the three heroes Eradan, Farin, and Andriel who fly on Beleram one of the Great Eagles over the foggy woodlands of Mirkwood. He knows they seek the wizard Radagast the Brown and knocks them out of the sky. Wulfrun confronts the heroes telling them no one can help Radagast, or themselves. Suddenly, Beleram flies in and tackles Wulfrun's fell beast. With his dark sorcery, Wulfrun battles the heroes, but fails to destroy them and dies himself. His powers range from teleportation, to launching dark magic bolts from his staff, to summoning a fire wall from the ground.

Guardians of Middle-EarthEdit

Wulfrun appears in the arcade game Guardians of Middle-earth, his appearance is the same as when he was first conceived in War in the North. He costs 5000 gold to be playable and is of the defender class.


Wulfrun was one of the Men of Carn Dum. He was the same size as Tharzog, but was more heavily armored. He wears an iron helmet with horns on it to conceal his face, while also wearing a wooly cape, and wielding a long black staff. His voice was of pure shadow, and you never see his face, but he has a multitude of dark powers.