The Woods of Núath or Núath was a large wooded area in West Beleriand.

The Woods of Núath were bordered in the west by the hills lying north-west in West Beleriand south of the Ered Wethrin, and in the east by Eithel Ivrin, the source of Narog. The river Ginglith started in this area.[1]


Voronwë led Tuor through the Núath during a very hard winter with high winds that fell upon it causing the trees to be shed bare of leaves. Their journey through the wood took some time before they reached the sources of the Narog.[2]


These woods did not appear in the published Silmarillion; they were left off the map of Beleriand. However, they do appear in the The Atlas of Middle-earth on pages 12 and 14.


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