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"This was dreadful talk to listen to, not only because of the brave Woodmen and their wives and children, but also because of the danger which now threatened Gandalf and his friends."
The Hobbit, chapter Out Of The Frying-Pan Into The Fire

Woodmen, or the Woodmen of Mirkwood, were a race of Men distantly related to the Edain who, by the Third Age, inhabited the western portion of Mirkwood forest.[1] Not much is known of the group other than their inhabitance, that they were excellent huntsmen, and that they were probably lead by a Chieftain.


During the early and mid parts of the First Age when men began spreading throughout Middle-earth, these people dwelled in the vast forested places in Middle-earth- particularly in Brethil. Surviving the tumults and wars over the ages, the descendants of these men came to live in Mirkwood along with a mysterious race of men called the Beornings.

The Woodmen and the Beornings probably had close ties since they lived near to each other braving the many dangers of the forest. The Woodmen also probably had an alliance with the Elves that inhabited Mirkwood.

After the War of the Ring and the cleansing of Mirkwood, the Woodmen and the Beornings were given a large portion of the forest between Thranduil's kingdom, Lorien, and East Lórien to dwell in.[2]


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