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Voronwe sketch by Filat
Voronwe of Gondolin, by Filat


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Voronwë Aranwion
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This article is about the Ñoldo. For the Ruling Steward of Gondor, see Mardil Voronwë.

Voronwë, also called Aranwion, was a Ñoldorin Elf mariner from Gondolin who was one of a crew of several ships sent by Turgon to solicit aid from the Valar. The Doom of Mandos, however, made any such attempt futile, and Voronwë was the only one to survive.[2]


Silent he sat by filat-d30eecl

Voronwë sitting by the sea after the foundering of his ship, by Filat

Voronwë was relatively young according to the measure of the elves, having been born in Middle-earth (and specifically in Nevrast) instead of Valinor. His father was Aranwë, a Ñoldo, but his mother was of the Sindarin Elves of the Falas, and kinswoman of Círdan. He called himself "of the House of Fingolfin", which in this case means a follower of that house, rather than a relationship of blood.

Voronwë was saved by Ulmo with the express purpose of leading Tuor to Gondolin, which he did.[3]

During the Fall of Gondolin, Voronwë was asked by Tuor to guard Idril. He escaped the sack, following Tuor and Idril in the secret way. He led them until Sirion and they did not continued, for Voronwë did not know the regions beyond the river.[4]

It was said that Voronwë sailed West with Earendil in Vingilot.[5]


His name is Quenya in origin. Voronwë means steadfast and his surname Aranwion means Son of Aranwë. The name Voronwë also appears as an epessë (honourary title) of various other characters, for example Mardil Voronwë.

Bronweg was the name he called himself, as well as the Sindarin version of his birth name.[6]


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