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Vadrieldur was a Silvan Elf who served the Galadhrim Warriors that defended Lothlórien's borders.


During the War of the Ring, Vadrieldur was one hundreds of Silvan Elves that followed Haldir to Helm's Deep and provide their support and aid to the people of Rohan and their king from the terrible atrocities that Saruman, who betrayed the White Council and became a servant of the Dark Lord Sauron. Stationed at the Deeping Wall with all of his kin, Vadrieldur demonstrated his skills as an archer and killed a large number of Uruk-hai that were climbing the wall. As he kept on fighting to defend Rohan's people, Vadrieldur was slain in the battle, but he would be remembered of those that gave their lives in defending Rohan from the armies of Isengard.



  • Vadrieldur does not appear in any of the books.


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