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Vána the Ever-young


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Other names
The Ever-young [1]
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Before the creation of Arda
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Power of the Valar

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Vána (Quenya; IPA: [ˈvaːna] - "Beautiful One") is an Ainu and a Vala who was responsible for the preserving of the youth made for all life in Arda.


Vana by losse elda-d7uzbn4

Vana, the Ever Young, by Losse-elda

Vána was the younger sister of Yavanna and wife of Oromë. She dwelt in gardens filled with golden flowers and often came to the forests of Oromë. Melian served under Vána, tending to the flowers, before she departed for Middle-earth.[2]

In The History of Middle-earth, Tolkien wrote that even when the spells of Yavanna failed to heal the wounds of the Two Trees, Vána's love for the Golden tree Laurelin was so great that it caused the tree's remaining power to blossom in the form of a fruit of gold from which the Valar fashioned the Sun.


The name Vána may have been derived from the Quenya word vanima ("beautiful"), as she is often described as "fair".[3]


According to The Silmarillion, "All flowers spring as she passes and open if she glances upon them; and all birds sing at her coming."[4] She robed herself in flowers and has the beauty of both heaven and earth.[5]


Melian and Arien (the Maia who would later guide the Sun) both tended to the golden flowers in Vána's gardens.[2][6]

Earlier versions of the legendariumEdit

Vána and her husband Oromë were once envisioned to have had a daughter named Nielíqui.[7]

In another material, Vána was the younger sister of Varda and Palurien (Yavanna).[5]

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