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aka The Jackal Strife

  • I live in Midgar, Planet
  • My occupation is Ex-Senior student, Team Twilight, Middle Earth protector, Keyblade wielder, Kingdom Hearts gamer, The Legend of Dragoon lover, Cloud Strife's loyal companion, Chaos warriors(012), SOLDIER 1st class
  • I am Dark, mysterious, Anti social, Good acting, Calm, Cool, Loss weight on dilly dallys

Wanna talk to me?Edit

Have anything to say to me? Or you have something to say bad to me just because I'm a Twilight fan? Probably.

Then leave me a message here and we'll talk. So don't be shy to do it. And yeah on the bright side, I was brainwashed by one of my online friends that this movie is a lot better than Twilight in many ways so I respect that.

So feel free to leave a message on my talk page:
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