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Congratulations to Frodo the 9 fingered and his Fellowship of Awesomeness!

Round Five winners with percentage of votes:


The Legion of Blood
"This is the ultimate team because it has every thing an elite team would need. Such as in a fight, you can have Cole and Sasuke clear through the opening with some combined electricity attacks, Jackie and Pride can pick off people using darkness constructs and other gruesome things, Crona being a swordsman can fight anyone using not only his sword but his own blood as a weapon not to mention his insanity, and last but not least Raven can use her telepathy to bring out the enemies true fears and use them for her advantage. And she has the potential to steal people's emotions."
Madara Uchiha1
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Evenstar's Flame
"Éowyn is skilled at swordsmanship, as is Aragorn, and this will help the group in the means of combat. This goes for Gandalf as well; he is a wizard, and he can do some damage with his staff/magic. Legolas and Gimli also help on the battlefield, as Legolas is a master archer and Gimli can hack with his axe. Last but not least, Frodo, of course, because he is the Ring-bearer and Samwise Gamgee to help protect him and fight threats."
Love and Lust


Epic Ninjas
"Because (as my title describes) my team consists of people who are basically epic... well, uh... ninjas!"
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Total Immortal
"This team has a strong balance of strength, magic, and leadership. Hawkeye serves as the long-range soldier of the group, much as Legolas did. Richard Cypher is both a swordsman and a war wizard, making him valuable in case anything happens to the other members of the Fellowship. Abraham Lincoln can clear his way through swarms of enemies with his axe spinning expertise. Captain America is a soldier who will follow orders without question, but he is also a capable leader in times of crisis. It wouldn't be a Fellowship without an old bearded wizard! Dumbledore fits this role nicely. As a shaman, Thrall serves a multi-purpose role as a back-up wizard, a fighter, and a healer. Theseus excels at combat, and is capable of killing large numbers of enemies in record time. While each of these characters is strong in his own right, they need someone to lead them. Hannibal Smith is the man with the plan. Frodo IS the ring bearer. Replacing him is blasphemy."


The High Paladins
"I believe that this team is the ultimate due to its diversity. Deschain, the sharpshooter, world-traveller and Gunslinger of Gilead of Eld is a wise, noble warrior but a fierce one, having fought and survived for many years in a "moved-on" world. Gandalf is an obvious choice, wise but the full extent of his power was only ever hinted at. Conan is the sharp-witted fighter, having worked his way up from the mean streets to the Crown of Aquilonia. Elric, the Stealer of Souls, is a darker character, deeply imbued with the taints of chaos and kept alive by his bond with the fell blade Stormbringer. Randolph Carter is the not quite human team academic, sharing his knowledge of eldritch threats and alien dimensions. Kvothe is a driven hero, a good all-rounder. Pug the Magician has encountered demons, invading armies and threats to reality while Arthur Eld was the greatest defender of order All-World ever saw. Rounding off the team is Garet Jax, skilled in every known weapon and never beaten in combat. The team balances power with wisdom, order with chaos and the martial arts with the liberal ones, a group of adventurers who could defeat a Balrog, stand steadfast against an army of Orcs and maybe even resist the insidious threat of the Ring's corrupting power."
Wyvern Rex.
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Bringers of Light
"Gandalf and Dumbledore have magical powers and are very, very powerful. Thor is a Norse god and has his hammer to smash all foes. Poison Ivy has the power to manipulate plants and flora. Magneto can control metal such as weapons and swords. Green Lantern can create almost anything with the power of the ring. Leo Valdez is immune to fire and is an excellent engineer. Happy can fly and Jake can turn into anything."


Fantasy Globetrotters
"Ok so, in my mind the ring-bearer would be Harry Potter. Is he as powerful as some other characters I could have chosen? Perhaps not, but he showed that even when it meant facing death, he would always do what needed to be done, even at the expense of his very life. Then you have Hermione and Ron who refuse to leave his side and support him through seven years of battles. As their back up, you have Harry Dresden as a powerful wizard (on top of the fact that Harry, Hermione and Ron know their fair share as well). Green Arrow and Wolverine are great fighters. The Doctor is the brains, and I mean come on, he has a TARDIS, so if things go wrong, let's just go back and start over. Silver Surfer can provide air support and Dr. Manhattan just plan kicks arse!"
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The Inconceivables
"Superman, Goku and Thor are the main fighters of this team, able to take on entire armies by themselves (and win), but all nine are skilled enough to survive in the War of the Ring. The Doctor, Batman and Holmes add some serious brainpower, sure to come up with winning strategies every time. Dredd is the steely backbone, ensuring nobody surrenders, and good for clearing out corruption in Middle-earth (say goodbye, Denethor and Saruman). Indiana Jones and Tintin bring good old heroic determination and two-fisted adventuring. Like the Hobbits, they are the heart and soul of the team. For his innocence and eternal optimism, I'd have to give the Ring itself to Tintin -- nothing can wear that boy down."
Captain Space
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