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Congratulations to Frodo the 9 fingered and his Fellowship of Awesomeness!

Round four winners with percentage of votes:

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"Wolverine would be the leader than Captain would be second. The ninjas would go ahead and find the right way. Harry Potter, Superman and Bumblebee would be the artillery, and Bilbo would be the smart person."
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Fellowship of the Disc
"It's a very balanced team, with each member taking a particular role that would help. Revan, as a Jedi Knight, can hit up close with incredible efficiency and perform minor heals, not to mention his brilliant tactical mind. Hawke is the main healer of the squad and does the heavy-hitting from a distance with blood magic. Duke is the main tank simply because he's a human-wrecking ball, while the Arbiter fills a half-tank half-damager role, stopping at nothing to complete the goal set before him. Zer0 and Sam both do scouting and stealth, using their surroundings to defeat his enemies. Ulysses has a strong conviction in his beliefs and a powerful will, making him an ideal choice for the ringbearer as he wouldn't easily succumb to the temptation. The Dovahkiin is experienced in the ways of caves and tombs, making him a helpful guide. Drake is a well-rounded soldier, having skills ranging from agility to gunfights and close-combat. "


Chaos Control
"The team is separated by four kinds: brawn, tactical, ranged, and ringbearer.Knuckles and Thorin would be brawn -- Knuckles because he possess super-human strength and good treasure hunting skills; Thorin cause he is really strong, being good though tempted by power.The tactical are Aragorn, Drizzt, and Altair due to knowing when and where to strike.The ranged are Pit, Bill, and Gandalf due to being able to use ranged attacks AND melee when necessary.The ringbearer would have to be Shadow. If someone went for the ring in a fight, he would probably either use Chaos Control to get away or Chaos Spear or Chaos Blast to obliterate his enemy."
Tristan Lee L
Ff versus
Mega Team
No explanation given.


The Knell
"Hober Mallow is the leader as the best in strategy and improvisation. Alita is a very good fighter especially when fighting big to huge mechanical or shielded ennemies. Geralt is very useful as an all-around sword and magic fighter and has a very good knowledge of alchemy, flora and fauna. Yennefer is a very powerful witch and is the perfect companion for Geralt. Codename 47 and Solid Snake are both very skilled in stealth attacks. Nomad can also be stealth, but he's also a versatile soldier adding extra speed and strength in the melee besides his marksmanship! Elminster is aside from Yennefer, another extremely powerful wizard, yet wiser. Chris Redfield is a very good soldier, more classic styled, but with strong mental strength and willpower.
Ff versus
The Fellowship of Awesomeness
"This team has an unstoppable combination of intelligence, fighting capability, wisdom, experience, and brawn to accomplish any quest and defeat any enemy. Many of the characters complement each other well, and together, they would be able to deal with almost anything. This team is very balanced, some straight fighters, some extremely clever."
Frodo the 9 fingered


The Protectors of Mlather
"These are some of my favorite characters of all-time, and they all have special qualities that make them unique. I think that this time is pretty strong and diverse with a mix of humans and animals, such as Tug the horse and Warriors cats. Also, I feel the character of these characters is very strong and that they would work very, very well together. The loyalty and bravery among these people is fantastic and respectful. I really think this is the greatest Dream Team."
Ff versus
Fellowship 2.0
"With a great balance of good and evil, this team also balances justice and morality with ruthlessness, which is necessary for the wide range of situations they will face. Bowser, Megatron, and Morgoth, being very large in stature will easily defeat the variety of creatures: Orcs, Uruk-hai, trolls, and wargs. With Morgoth, being one of the Ainur, is an immortal spirit and the most powerful being to ever walk on Arda. He was once the master of Sauron himself, and is much more powerful than the Maiar, Sauron. With Roland Deschain, this group gains a cold and direct personality who will not stop at anything to complete his vision and goals. Having been on a quest for more than a thousand years, Roland will never show mercy to those who oppose him. With Aang, the group gains the master of all the elements, which could be very beneficial for the group as they delve deeper into Mordor. With Aang they will be able to manipulate the landscape to their preferences and advantage. With Mewtwo, the group gains a psychic with superior intellect. With his mind, Mewtwo can easily defeat the low minded creatures the group will face along the way to Mt. Doom. Of course, with Batman and Wolverine, the group will be bolstered by intellect, technology, a healing factor, sharp claws, and fighting power. And finally with General Grievous the group will get four lightsabers instead of the conventional one lightsaber; and with a creature (Kaleesh) who has been extremely modified and reinvented, Grievous knows the definition of pain, and is ready to dole it out mercilessly. This is "the" Adventure Dream Team. This is the Fellowship 2.0"


Fate's Last Chance
"It's got Shadow, the ultimate lifeform, immortal and armed with reality manipulation; Lt. Commander Data, an android with superhuman strength and intellect; Darkrai, a legendary monster with the ability to create voids in time and space; Chell, a resourceful mute, armed with a gun that can create portals; Rex, an EVO who is trying to uncover his past and can control technology and create machines out of his body using nanites; Tesslar, a general in Clu's army, with the ability to turn his hands to energy and launch them out across nearly unlimited space; Rico, a psychopathic penguin who regurgitates anything from chainsaws to flamethrowers; Takeshi, the last true ninja master; and the Ender Dragon, an alien dragonoid that can vaporize anything it touches (except for obsidian, sand, and bedrock). Combined, they challenge anyone and anything that stands in their way!"
Ff versus
Brains over Brawl

"I think this is a pretty unique mix of people. Maybe people you wouldn't expect to see working together, but it's not the same person over and over. It's a generic mix of talents.

  • Aragorn - He's Aragorn. That should be enough. Also, great at tracking.
  • Frodo - He's the ringbearer. No one else can do that for him.
  • Link - Fearless and strong, Hero of time, and winds, and skies, and whatnot. You'll need him on your side. Plus, he has lot of tomb raiding experience. Also, never seems to have the need for sleep.
  • Wander - He blindly sold his soul to the demon and slayed Colossi, that did nothing to him, just to revive his girlfriend. That's dedication.
  • Jak (and Daxter) - Jak doesn't take any bullshit, and he fights for what he thinks is right. He'll kick anyones ass anyday. Also, he's got experience being an outlaw. Daxter can't be left out if you take Jak, so you can think of him as a pet. I mean he IS an ottsel, and doesn't really do anything else than bossing Jak around.
  • Solstice - She generates light. Against a villain called the great shadow, she's pretty useful. Plus, she embraces the good in life, and is a positive person.
  • Eric Draven - Because, well, he's immortal. Well, unless you kill the crow, but who knows that. Also, he's pretty kickass.
  • Lightning - She's a ex-soldier, who doesn't take any crap. She's loyal to those who are her friends. Also, always up for a good fight.
  • Chell - Despite being a mute, she's probably one of the most intelligent people you could ever meet. She thinks logically. Plus, she's got a portal gun."
Queenie Capria


Dragon's claw
"'Dragon's claw' is the ultimate team for a few reasons. The first reason is that most of the team's members have power in spades. Queen Mab could do most anything she wanted to, Marethyu is shown to be extraordinarily powerful and resourceful. Magneto could potentially stop an entire army at once, for the simple reason that most of their armour and weapons would be of metal, which he controls. Alucard is powerful and terrifying, so if he was the first thing the enemy saw he would be able to scare many people enough to give the others a chance to attack. Also he would be able to provide the others with a shield, having many lives. Eragon Shadeslayer is skilled in battle and magic, having plenty of experience with both. He also knows the name of the ancient language, which allows him to do pretty much anything he wants to. Kincaid is a soldier at heart, as is Horace, along with both of them being extremely skilled with their weapon of choice. Will Treaty is the sneaky person of the lot, the one who could walk through an almost empty, well-lit room without being seen. He's also very skilled with his bow and would be very useful for both that and his skills with tracking. Also, travellers need food and he's a skilled cook. Last but not least is Kyō Mibu, who is a powerful samurai and incredibly skilled with his blade. He's a bit of a wild card at best, but even if he went rogue, he would cause enough chaos that it would help distract the enemy. In fact, any single member of this team who went rogue would cause chaos amongst the enemy, helping the team anyway. I think Will would carry the ring, simply because he is extremely stubborn and has a strong will. Also, Horace would follow him to the end, even if everyone else abandoned them, which would give him a bit of much needed muscle, seeing as while he isn't useless in close-range combat, he's better with his bow."
Black Wolf of blood
Ff versus
The Destroyers
"This is the ultimate dream team because they all have their own unique abilities that makes them unstoppable."


The Forged Point
  • Ezio, a capable assassin, is capable both of taking down heavily armored solo enemies and providing swift ranged takedowns from a high-up, hard-to-reach ledge. Just don't let him get surrounded.
  • Commander Shepard, a natural leader and legendary soldier, always knows what needs to be done to accomplish a task, and is the team's primary tactician. This quality should not, however, obscure his combat skills.
  • Starkiller and Dumbledore are both very powerful mystics, but Starkiller uses his powers to supplement and complement his already superb melee skills (infusing lightsaber blade with lightning, brewing up an energy maelstrom in the middle of a pack of Orcs, etc.), while Dumbledore contributes large, powerful attacks from a distance.
  • The elite Starcraft Ghost is the poster child of "one shot, one kill," ending skirmishes before they ever happen, and providing cover for the more melee-focused in larger fights.
  • Samus, the heavily-armored galactic bounty hunter, is half-tank, half-sniper, good for taking down small groups of strong enemies. Ezio is extremely effective providing melee cover for her while she takes care of her own business.
  • Boba Fett, while still a galactic bounty hunter, is more about zipping up to a safe altitude and sending high volumes of weak blanket fire raining down, softening up the crowd, so to speak, for his allies.
  • Predator, the vicious alien sport hunter, will charge right into the hottest part of the battle, doing whatever must be done to bring down the heaviest enemies. He fights with reckless valor, and would not hesitate to take on Sauron himself. Heavily armed, heavily armored. He and Thor compose the brawn of the team.
  • The ancient Norse demigod Thor is firmly in the tank camp, taking out several enemies with a single blow from his enchanted hammer. He can occasionally call down a bolt of lightning or other weather-based attacks, making him an extremely valuable asset in large groups. Also, with his ability to fly and ride lightning bolts, he can skirt around the battlefield rapidly as well as lead the group in long travels.
A Guy Named Melon
Ff versus
Lightning Force
"A bit of everything here: muscle power from Chewbacca and The Hulk who, when made angry, will pulverize the enemy. Gandalf and Galadriel have the magic / mystical element needed to fulfill the Quest. Luke is impulsive but has common sense and won't be swayed by sweet words from Saruman, Sauron or anyone else! Ben can change his form which can be useful in a tight spot, and Susan doesn't need the Ring or an elven cloak to become invisible -- a useful talent! Johnny the Human Torch has the fiery qualities needed to get close to the Crack of Doom and his heat resistant powers may prove crucial to the quest."


Joined Hands
"The team members have different qualities, such as strength, skills and intelligence, but they are all capable of thinking and defending themselves and they share certain characteristics such as bravery and a high moral standard. Many different weapons are represented such as magic, swords, lightsaber and dragons! Each member has her/his own personality and can contribute in his/her own special way. For example, there is Jack who is funny, Batman who is serious and Obi-Wan who is caring. This is a group of people, who (even though some are known for working alone) will support each other and never leave anyone behind, and together, they will succeed!"
Ff versus
  • Asfbn
  • Fluffeh Kitteh
  • ~PoundtheAlarm~
  • TheCocoPuffsGuy
  • The Hungarian Games
  • Lily!
  • Lord Voldemort (Designated Hitter)
  • Tyrion Lannister (Designated Hitter)
  • T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, Designated Hitter)
"Asfbn is the leader, Fluffeh Kitteh For His Intelligence, Lily! For Her Sassiness, Xx_Kaitlyn_xX For My Southern Stuff, ~PoundtheAlarm~ For Her Epic Seduction, TheCocoPuffsGuy For His Insaness, Hungarian For His Calming Method"
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