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Congratulations to Frodo the 9 fingered and his Fellowship of Awesomeness!


The Fellowship of Awesomeness
Adventure Dream Team Final-Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
(Sherlock Holmes)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Gandalf-the-white
Gandalf the White
Adventure Dream Team Final-ManInBlack
Man in Black
Adventure Dream Team Final-Doctor
The Doctor
(Doctor Who)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Batman
(DC Comics)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Supes
(DC Comics)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Vader
Darth Vader
(Star Wars)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Thor
(Marvel Comics)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Galbatorix
"This team has an unstoppable combination of intelligence, fighting capability, wisdom, experience, and brawn to accomplish any quest and defeat any enemy. Many of the characters complement each other well, and together, they would be able to deal with almost anything. This team is very balanced, some straight fighters, some extremely clever."
Frodo the 9 fingered
Ff versus
Pingu's Fist
Adventure Dream Team Final-Gandalf-the-white
Gandalf the White
Adventure Dream Team Final-Toothless
(How 2 Train Ur Dragon)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Plagueis
Darth Plagueis
(Star Wars)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine
(Star Wars)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Luke
Luke Skywalker
(Star Wars)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Jango
Jango Fett
(Star Wars)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Morty
Lord Voldemort
(Harry Potter)
Adventure Dream Team Final-InuYasha
Adventure Dream Team Final-Kirby
"Gandalf and Palpatine are the Nukers. They can unleash devastating attacks that could destroy any army. Luke Skywalker would bear the ring from the Shire to the black gates, as he is Uncorruptible. Then, Lord Voldemort would hop on Toothless and throw himself to the Cracks of Doom. As his Horrocruxes haven't been destroyed, he wouldn't be dead, destroying the ring, but leaving his soul untouched. Inu-Yasha and Jango are the fighters. Give them a battle plan, and they will execute it (Jango also gives battle plans) Kirby is a front-line trooper. He can suck up the arrows and then either turn into Bowman Kirby or throw a rain of their own arrows to the enemy. And Darth Plaeguis, last but not least, is the healer. He can heal and revive anyone but himself."
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