The users have spoken (with their votes) and the winner of Wikia’s “Adventure Dream Team” bracket tournament has been crowned. The honor goes to Frodo the 9 fingered and his “Fellowship of Awesomeness.”

The Fellowship of Awesomeness
Adventure Dream Team Final-Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
(Sherlock Holmes)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Gandalf-the-white
Gandalf the White
Adventure Dream Team Final-ManInBlack
Man in Black
Adventure Dream Team Final-Doctor
The Doctor
(Doctor Who)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Batman
(DC Comics)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Supes
(DC Comics)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Vader
Darth Vader
(Star Wars)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Thor
(Marvel Comics)
Adventure Dream Team Final-Galbatorix
"This team has an unstoppable combination of intelligence, fighting capability, wisdom, experience, and brawn to accomplish any quest and defeat any enemy. Many of the characters complement each other well, and together, they would be able to deal with almost anything. This team is very balanced, some straight fighters, some extremely clever."
Frodo the 9 fingered

This team’s composition was deemed by the Wikia community as the perfect mix of fictional characters (both good and evil) to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mt. Doom -- easily overcoming any obstacle thrown in its way. And obstacles the team did face.

“The Fellowship of Awesomeness” survived 12 elimination rounds (which raked in an impressive 6,500 votes total) and managed to eek out the highest winning percentage of votes in any round -- an impressive 92.3 percent in the fourth round alone. The team is comprised of some of the most popular character choices in the tournament (Gandalf, who appeared on 14 teams; Batman, who appeared on 11 teams; and The Doctor, who was the “go-to” TV character for several teams), as well as some of the most original (The Man in Black from Lost, Galbatorix from the novel/film Eragon, and book/movie/TV character Sherlock Holmes).

Tournament logistics aside, many of you may be curious as to what the actual campaign undertaken by “The Fellowship of Awesomeness” would look like. How do these characters come together? What creatures/villains do they encounter along the way? What does the “last temptation” inside Mt. Doom play out like? I must admit, I’m pretty curious about this stuff, too. So to that I say, stay tuned for an exciting announcement regarding the adventures of “The Fellowship of Awesomeness” -- coming soon.

In the meantime, congratulations Frodo the 9 fingered and all hail Wikia’s Adventure Dream Team: “The Fellowship of Awesomeness!”

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