Hello there everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself:

My name is Diogo and I come from Portugal...I'm pretty good with foreign languages especially english.

Although outside the fond and love, Tolkien works are something that I really do like.

I have Peter Jackson's movies trilogy and yes that's something I do love(can't wait for The Hobbit!). I've seen the movies alot of times and so I know them pretty well(I saw all those hours of the appentices too).

Never read any of the books(only had knowledge of them a few months ago) although I do know well Tolkien's biography.

I've been enjoying working in this wikia but it makes me sad knowing that many people that register on it just come here to make about 5 edits and then disappear for ever from here. If there's any way I could attract more people(wanting to seriously help the wikia) then I will do it.

I could work in everything. If you want me to help you in some particular article, than please, just ask.

Well that's all. Thanks(Yes I do thank alot..).

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