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The Hobbit (likes,dislikes,review) NO SPOILERS

Rhilowe December 28, 2012 User blog:Rhilowe

To answer your question, is it's AMAZING. In this review i'm going to list my likes and dislikes and will sum up my thoughts in a conclusion.


- Acting was great, except for Radagast the Brown

- The sound and the soundtrack, fortunately stays true to the lord of the rings legacy, it's EPIC, e.g the sounds of the drums literally shook me!

- The action scenes were fast paced, and memorable

- Characters were AWESOME, they're the types of characters you'll in time care about.

- The graphics are crystal clear

- The story was intriguing, and intense.


- A welcome return to Middle-Earth


- The fast pace of the camera can be some times hard on your eyes

- Radagast the Brown

In Conclusion: The Hobbit is an great movie, and my favourite entry in the LOTR film series. Everything is going for this movie, it's story, it's sound, GANDALF! Just an amazinf film with basically no flaws. Personally The Hobbit is the best movie of 2012, and i'm very excited for the 2 next films, which I hope are just as good as this one.


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