• Rhilowe

    Hey there, just putting my little theroy out there, but i was thinking as i watched the hobbit for a third time, that the chest full of gold, which Bilbo(old), talks about in his conversation with frodo, at the start of the movie, is the same chest as the one in the troll cave. The chest which some of the dwarfs find stashed to the brim with gold, which they bury for "safe keeping, as a long-term deposit". Bilbo claims this the only gold he got from the adventure with the dwarfs and Gandalf. I may be wrong, as this is just a myth, but maybe the dwarfs gave it to him as his share after defeating Smaug.

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  • Rhilowe

    To answer your question, is it's AMAZING. In this review i'm going to list my likes and dislikes and will sum up my thoughts in a conclusion.


    - Acting was great, except for Radagast the Brown

    - The sound and the soundtrack, fortunately stays true to the lord of the rings legacy, it's EPIC, e.g the sounds of the drums literally shook me!

    - The action scenes were fast paced, and memorable

    - Characters were AWESOME, they're the types of characters you'll in time care about.

    - The graphics are crystal clear

    - The story was intriguing, and intense.


    - A welcome return to Middle-Earth


    - The fast pace of the camera can be some times hard on your eyes

    - Radagast the Brown

    In Concl…

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