• RHawk

    Arwen or Eowyn?

    December 2, 2011 by RHawk

    Who is more heroic, Arwen, or Eowyn?

    In the book other than choosing a mortal over immortality, Tolkien didn't give Arwen many heroic scenes. (Peter Jackson gave Arwen a helping hand to elevate her status where she rescues Frodo from the Ring Wraiths, but still). Tolkien gave Eowyn a ton of heroic scenes. She is not only a loving sister, cousin, niece, friend, but she's a fearless warrior who does what "no man" could do (with a little help from another non-man) in standing up to and killing both the Nazgul and his fell beast. Even Gandalf had not been able to do that, and in fact a little earlier he had almost died in the Nazgul's hands. To top it off, she won a hand to hand battle with that awful Gothmog.

    Arwen comes across as a well-c…

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  • RHawk

    Everyone takes it for granted that Frodo was the one who destroyed the ring. Should he take credit for it though? Please educate me.

    No doubt, Frodo is a creature of immense courage and commitment (and in some ways, Sam is even more courageous but that's a topic for a different blog). He endures much hardship and almost dies multiple times, but never loses his commitment. He takes credit for taking the ring all the way to Mount Doom with the intention to destroy it. Yet, along the way little by little the ring is working its black magic on him, corrupting him as time goes. By the time he reaches the Cracks he has fully given in to the corrupting power of "power" and decides to keep the ring rather than throwing it in. No matter how much his…

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