To find the answer, post with your username and answers

1) where is your prefereed living: A) great hall's with lots of food and riches

                                                   B) Deep underground in a stronghold

                                                   C) In a hole in the ground

                                                   D) A place in-tune with the wildlife

2) What is your most preffered weapon; A) a bow

                                                               B) a trusty axe

                                                               C) a great sword

                                                               D) none of the above

3) You are asked to go on a quest to reclaim

Erebor... What is your response?:   A) YES!!!!!!

                                                       B) NO!!!!!

 4) You are captured by the great KIng Thrandil

how would you break free? : A) Bargain to bring gems from the mountain

                                            B) Break free

                                            C) don't do anything

                                             D) Bargain to go free in exchange to return from whience you came

5) You're trying to be smuggled in to Lake town,

what payment do you give Bard  ?: A) Pay generously

                                                     B) Threaten his life

                                                     C) say you're from Thirandil's Realm and if you do not pass he shall unleash his wrath.

                                                      D) Say you are venturing to Erebor and if I pass you shall share the weath.




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