You've always dreamed of living like a Baggins, drinking ale on the grassy roof of your Hobbit-hole somewhere in the Shire, but then you snap back to reality. Even if you could afford to travel to New Zealand and get the full Lord of the Rings scenery tour, you would be hard pressed to find a vacant Hobbit-hole for rent. Luckily for you, some nice human-folk in Montana have made it possible to fulfill your Hobbiton dreams.

LOTR enthusiasts with property in the town of Trout Creek opened the Hobbit House of Montana, which can be yours for $245 per night. The creators commissioned several artists to make the surrounding premises as Shire-like as possible, with miniature houses for Hobbits, Elves, Trolls and faeries surrounding the rental property to allow full immersion into Tolkien's whimsical world.

For more information about the house, check out their website.

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