• Jrrt1209

    Hey guys! So I was re-reading all of my LOTR books (fellowship of the ring, two towers, return of the king and the hobbit) and somehow felt that it was time to read all 12 books of the history of middle earth. I know, from my own research on the Internet, many of the tales on the War of the ring happen in these 12 books as well. Since I haven't read any of those 12 books, I'd like to ask you guys in which order I should read them and/or if it is worth them all at all, since many of its tales are also found in the Silmarillion(which I also haven't read/ wanna read), meaning that I wouldn't really need to read them all, because they "overlap" each other. Just to clear sth out, I am not only interested in the tales about the war of the ring b…

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