• Jonnylegoboy911

    Was Túrin blind?

            "....[Turin : ] What a sweet grace of fortune! Brown as a berry she was, small and slim as an elf-child, none could mistake her" Then Mablung was amazed, and he said "But some mistake is here! Not such was your sister. She was tall and her eyes were blue, her hair fine gold. The very likeness in woman’s form of Hurin her father. You cannot have seen her!"
    "Can I not, Can i not, Mablung?" he cried "But why no? For see, I am blind! Did you not know? Blind! Blind! Groping since childhood in a dark mist of Morgoth!"

    Was that pararaph proof? Or was he perhaps being metaphoric? Or maybe he was describing Lalaith being unaware of Nienor? I can hardly believe he was able to fight so many Orcs and slay Glaurung while not a…

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