A terrifying sea serpent is terrorizing the coast of gondor. It has killed around 1 million people, mostly soldiers. The king of gondor seeks heroes from the outside to defeat the beast. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Wizards, Ents, Giants, and Dragon Men anwser the call. The decide total is 30 people: 4 humans, 5 elves, 10 dwarves, 2 hobbits, 2 wizards, 3 ents, 1 giant, and 3 dragon men.

Names of Questers

  1. Hilomir the Knight
  2. Foragorn the Ranger
  3. Darnomir the Ranger
  4. Lobikorn the Knight
  5. Relond the Elf Lord
  6. Olgalas the Elf Lord
  7. Zixacond the Elf General
  8. Fangolas the Elf General
  9. Telond the Elf General
  10. Falin the Dwarf
  11. Malin the Dwarf
  12. Dili the Dwarf
  13. Nili the Dwarf
  14. Boin the Dwarf
  15. Foin the Dwarf
  16. Hoin the Dwarf
  17. Kimili the Dwarf
  18. Chorin the Dwarf
  19. Borin the Dwarf
  20. Drobo Took
  21. Celeda Took
  22. Alatar the Blue Wizard
  23. Pallando the Blue Wizard
  24. Oakma the Ent guardian
  25. Pinesword the Ent Knight
  26. Woodwolf the Ent Knight
  27. Barlonobius the mighty Giant
  28. Stinger the Dragon man
  29. Flamesword the Dragon man
  30. Aquadicus the Dragon man

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