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  • Darthleapyous

    This is so unfair

    December 14, 2013 by Darthleapyous

    Why does Australia (where I live) get The Desolation of Smaug on boxing day when pretty much the rest of the world gets it on december 13th/14th. It is so unfair! we get it two weeks late! does anybody know why? I know its kinda tradition for it to come out on Boxing day here but still it's unfair!

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  • Darthleapyous


    December 7, 2013 by Darthleapyous

    Ok i went on IMDB and looked at the Hobbit TDOS page, and then i looked at the cast. I was surprised. Lawrence Makoare is playing Bolg. Is that correct? I thought Conan Stevens was? Another question i have- is Bolg even in TDOS? I have read reviews for the movie but i cant find any information about him.

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  • Darthleapyous

    New Orc???

    November 8, 2013 by Darthleapyous

    I was watching the new 

    Hobbit production diary 12 and found a interesting part of it. If you pause the video at 0:15 there seems to be a new orc (it shows the unfinished part of it). The orc appears to looks like Azog, but it isn't him as it does not have a missing arm. Also, on it's forehead there appears to be metal plates similar to those of Bolg. Is this a new orc, or is it a redesign of Bolg? Perhaps one of Bolg's bodyguards?

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  • Darthleapyous

    An exclusive Azog minifigure is being given away randomly at San Diego Comic Con. You might be thinking....dang it! It's exclusive?!? Dont worry too much, a "exclusive" Bilbo baggins minifigure was released last year and we got that in the Bag End lego set, so there is a possibility we will be seeing azog in a future set.

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  • Darthleapyous

    I have just figured out something about the notoriously mysterious Blue Wizards. They were sent by the Valar Orome, who was a great huntsman. They have some pictures depicting them with bows and arrows. Does this mean that, not only being wizards, the Blue Wizards were also great hunters? That would be pretty cool. Also Alatar's alternate name Morinehtar which means Darkness-Slayer could also mean that they had some hunting/fighting skills. Perhaps they slew the men of darkness in the east? I just thought i would share this with you people, as some people might not know.

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