• Dalledayul

    Stupid polls!

    November 13, 2013 by Dalledayul

    I just noticed that one of the polls on the main page for the LOTR Wikia is 'Which movie do you think stayed closest to the book?' or something like that. To my honest surprise, Fellowship of the Ring got top billing (by a freaking mile!). I personally think that it is probably the furthest from the books, and here are my reasons.

    The first is that a hell of a lot of parts are missing. The Old Forest, Tom Bombadil, Bill Ferny, Buckland, Glorfindel and a bunch more. The Two Towers kept a lot of scenes, even if it was done on a slightly different timeline. Meanwhile, the Fellowship movie glances over the fact that Pippin travelled with Frodo and Sam from Bag End, Frodo stayed in the Shire for nearly two decades after Bilbo's party and the com…

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