The day of Urk’s and Dark Lords is over. The world is at peace. Gondor has made Aragorn, son of Arathorn their king. He has restored peace to the city of Minas Tirith and married the lovely lady Arwen. She is the last of her kind for all her kin, save a small party, have sailed to th

LOTR Princess
e undying lands of Valinor. A
mong this small part was Legolas who stayed in Gondor with Aragorn to his death. He swore to Aragorn that at his death he would protect Arwen. Arwen and her husband live happily in Gondor and had three children. A son and two daughters, Aothane, Areil, and Aomay. Aothane, son of the king grows to be the heir of the throne of Gondor. Aragorn creates a celebration for the day of the year that Frodo and Sam destroyed the ring in the fires of Mount Doom. Parents tell their kids the story of how Frodo the Ring Bearer and Samwise the Brave made the long journey from the shire to Mordor into the fires of the mountain to destroy the ring, how Frodo lost his finger, and how the king honored them thereafter. When Aragorn died Arwen did mourn but she does not do so as her father predicted. Her son becomes king of Gondor and still holds the Celebration of the Destruction of the Ring. She still lives as the Queen of Gondor until death might by some unhealthy chance take her. Frodo lives in the shire finishing his book. He still bears the pain of his wound from Amon Sul. Sam has married Rosie Cotton and had a little family of his own. As Frodo finished his story in the book
Bow to no one
he found there was some room left for a little more. He decided to give the book to Sam. The last of the elves wished to pay a small favor to Bilbo by saving him a spot on the last ship to the Undying lands. They went and as Bilbo left Gandalf, a friend of the shire folk and a wizard, announced it was now his time to leave. He also told Frodo that he was also to go. There was much weeping of Frodo’s friends, especially Sam. Fairamere and Eowyn were married and had a child. As Théoden wished, Eowyn became the Queen of the Horse Lands and her husband became King. Eomer was still a ruling position. Gimli went back to live in the mines of Moria after the war was over. He and all the rest of the Dwarfs went about and repaired the great halls. Moria is now the dwelling place of the last of the dwarfs of Middle Earth.

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