• I live in Oklahoma
  • I was born on February 28
  • My occupation is Homeschool Student
  • I am Female
  • Cala'Quessir

    The day of Urk’s and Dark Lords is over. The world is at peace. Gondor has made Aragorn, son of Arathorn their king. He has restored peace to the city of Minas Tirith and married the lovely lady Arwen. She is the last of her kind for all her kin, save a small party, have sailed to the undying lands of Valinor. Among this small part was Legolas who stayed in Gondor with Aragorn to his death. He swore to Aragorn that at his death he would protect Arwen. Arwen and her husband live happily in Gondor and had three children. A son and two daughters, Aothane, Areil, and Aomay. Aothane, son of the king grows to be the heir of the throne of Gondor. Aragorn creates a celebration for the day of the year that Frodo and Sam destroyed the ring in the fir…

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  • Cala'Quessir

    Sam Gamgee and Frodo Baggins make their way climbing up the Mountain of Fire, for this is the one and only place the Ring of Power can be destroyed. Not but a mile away at the Black Gate of Bara-Dour is the army of Gondor fighting the wretched Orcs of Mordor. Frodo’s friends have distracted the lit less eye of Sauron to their battle, so Frodo would at least have a chance to make it into the mountain without being caught. Frodo and his Worthy companion, Sam, have almost made it half way up the mountain when all the sudden Frodo falls, weary from the long journey from the shire, his home sweet home on the far North Western borders of Middle-Earth, to Elvin city of Rivendell, To Moria and Lothlorien, and the Emyn Muil. Sam courageously tries t…

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