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    The Goblin wars

    December 4, 2013 by Burglebuber

    None of my characters are characters from LOTR except Sauron, but they are the same races. This story has no LOTR refrences, or anything of the sort. The world is the same as it is in LOTR though. This takes place in the early third age, before the events of the hobbit. I also play LOTRO, so some of the places in this fanfic are taken from the game, I haven't seen a real map of Middle Earth lol. Enjoy! 

    Dristur the dwarf stepped gingerly down the stairs of Silver Deep. He was a simple miner, an unknown to most. He had found some Iron, and, after showing it to the foreman, Blogir, he was going down to mine more. 

    "Ah, there you are!" He said to the ore, as he began mining it with his pick. There were other miners. Gromi, the oldest miner, wal…

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