• Bolg, son of Azog

    Could Morgoth use the ring to destroy the Valar?

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  • Bolg, son of Azog

    Can somone tell me what would happen if Morgoth had the ring?

    • He might be too powerful too take it and scorn the gift
    • Who would give Morgoth the One Ring anyway (besides Sauron)
    • If he had it do you think if he was not wearing it he would die, because, like Sauron, he would invest too much power in it (even more than sauron, because J.R.R Tolkien said that Sauron was more evil than Morgoth)
    • If he did have the ring could he and would he overthrow the Valar?
    • Or am I setting too much store by the ring, because Manwe and Varda could destroy the ring with a snap of their fingers.
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