Sauron and the Evil Eye detect the ring. It has seemed that Gollum was sent by Sauron to collect the One Rin

Sauron holds a ring he stole from a Nazgul

g, and as a reward, the Witch King's ring. Gollum fights Frodo. Instead, the Nazguls cornered Mount Doom. Frodo was so scared he fell into Mount Doom with the ring along with Sam, but a Nazgul quickly picked up the falling ring on his Fell Beast, and returned it to his master, Sauron. He quickly killed that nazgul and took his ring. He immediately ordered the other 7 nazguls to come. Yeeehhhhhs Maaaster? He quickly used the one ring and killed them with a instant look. He then salvaged their rings. Gollum, limping to Sauron's Throne Room said Uhhssss Ring? OF Course Sauron replied as Gollum cam closer. As Gollum was taking the ring out of Sauron's hand, Sauron quickly stabbed him with a dagger. He then took the ring to him. YOU StuPID Hobbits! he called to see hobbit slaves walking to him. Just then, they presented the elf rings, and all dwarven rings, which all rings have survived. I remember, I made Hobbit Rings. Just then, a hobbit named Cjubby jumped out and said I HAVE BOTH AND YOU CANT GET IT! So be it. All the slave hobbits died with a glance of the ring. He salvaged the hobbit rings and the elf and dwarf rings. The hobbit species was extinct. Men were extinct. Elves were extinct. All mairs excluding Sauron was extinct. The world is mine he ecxlaimed.

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