The Stoor ring

The Harfoot ring

In Fanon, Hobbit Rings are forgotten rings orignially made by Sauron, too. He created these rings in secret, and by the time he finished the 2 of them, he got killed, but then he returned, but totally forget about Hobbit Rings. Before he got killed, Sauron ment to give 1 to a Stoor Hobbit and another to a Harfoot Hobbit. The energy of Saurons Collapse caused the ring to shatter across scarcley populated areas of the Shire. 2 famalies lived there, 1 Stoor, 1 Harfoot. They took the rings, and started you use it to uncover secrets, much like Gollum did. Hobbit rings were stronger than the 3 Rings, but weaker than the 1 Ring. Due to a special ability of the two famalies, the Ring whould actually never wear out its user, but as a defect, it only could turn you invisible and uncover great secrets. The famalies eventually became friends, and more and more hobbits comiming in with generations, the area eventually became a tribe. Thousands of years after Saurons final demise, the area at least had 500 hobbits. The hobbits in their tweens wanted to know how to make incredible rings, and tried hard, and finally they came up with an idea no one had remembered in Ten-Thousands of years. They made a normal ring made out of Mithril, take a stone tablet from Elven Lands which they found, write in Elven Black Speech whatever they want with chisel, like 2 Rings for Stoors or 2 Rings for Harfoots. After they tried 4 of these, elders stopped allowing new rings, but the only way to make some more was to do a series of quests, established by the elder HarWood X Chixel. It goes like this this: 1. End the Current Wars 2. Help other species stop from being declined 3. Venture to Mordor and study the remnents of The Dark Tower, bring back notes 4. Find Gandalf and help him. Since Gandalf was pratically Immortal, they could help him anytime.

those two famalies names were Chixel and Blitobbit. The elders of those famalies both agreed to stop making rings, but they could be used. Any ring going to sale must be sold within the tribe, and as a result, 40 rings were made. They were sold for incredible prices, and were never showed to the rest of the world.

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