Unathûn (or knowed as Mines of Unathûn) is a dark abandoned mine that is a Goblin Warfare camp.

The Mines were conquered by the goblins along with Azog & Bolg

Construction & history

In SA 3209, It was the year Isildur was born to Middle-Earth but not just the birth of Isildur, It was also the year the mines were discovered (back then it was just an abandoned cave place) by Durin & two Guardians. before Durin discovered the mines, some dwarven miners were digging up some gold in Moria when discovering that some gold rolled with some loose stones down a tunnel way. One of the dwarven miners explained to Durin that he has founded an tunnel way. Durin & his Guardians went to the tunnel way & discovers the mines in amazment. In TA 2, the dwarves transformed the mines into a dwarven place where they builted an Throne & an camp in the northeast of the mines where dwarves trained to battle. In the northwest were just an abandoned section of the mines. They also discovered an Great hall similar to the one in Moria. It was still an Mine underneath until TA 1981. That's when the Goblins, Cave-Trolls & the Balrog drove the dwarves out of the mountains. Not only the dwarves drove out from Moria, some secretly escaped just in time before the goblins discovered the mines. Over the years, the Mines were now conquered by the Moria Goblins under the rulers, Azog & Bolg.


Unathûn in aperance has a Goblin Warfare camp. The walls & gate of that of Unathûn is similar to thouse of Dol Guldur's walls & gates. The walls & gate has very thick armour that cannot be sieged or destoryed. The inside of Unathûn's Goblin warfare camp is a statue of Sauron along with two Necromancers that has a lave mount around the statues. Inside is also where Fissures & Spider pits train their spiders & creatures to battle. The final room is where a huge Fortress stands to come forth, their heroes. Goblin caves stand in the fortress room to build Goblins of Moria to battle too. Treasure troves also stand there too where they can upgrade their Goblins & creatures of the mountains. A huge pool is in the fortress room too where The Watcher visits or gives the heroes of the fortress room some news.