Alex Lioce/Siege of Ettenmoors
Conflict: Fall of Arnor
Date: TA 3019
Place: The Ettenmoors
Outcome: The Goblins & Angmar have won, some Elves fleed but Idrial was been slain
Elves of Rivendell & Lothlorien Combined Forces of Angmar & the Goblins
Glorfindel, Glóin, Idrial Gorkil the Goblin King, Witch-King of Angmar
500,00,00 Elves of Lothlórien

200 Dwarves of Erebor
115 Elves of Rivendell

800,00,00 Goblins

600,00,00 Black Númenóreans
600,00,00 Gundabad Orcs & Wolf Riders
500,00,00 Dark rangers
500,00,00 Thrall Masters
500,00,00 Rhudaur Men
400,00,00 Fire-drakes
300,00,00 Goblin spider riders
200,00,00 Half-Trolls
16,00 barrow-wights
15,00 Dire wolves
400,00 Hill trolls
300,00 Mountain Giants
300,0 Cave-trolls
300,0 Snow Trolls
200,0 Spiderlings
200,0 Wargs
200,0 Dragons
200,0 Trolls

400,00,00 Elves of Lothlórien killed

100 Elves of Rivendell killed

137 Goblins killed

400,0 Black Númenóreans killed 300,00 Cave Trolls killed
300,00,0 Rhudaur Men killed
300,00 Spider Riders killed
200,0 Snow Trolls killed

The Siege of Ettenmoors is a Battle Between the combined armies of Angmar & Goblins Vs. the Elves of Rivendell & Lorien. The battle began in the time of The Fall of Arnor in January TA 1300.


The Goblins & Angmar set up camp in the snowy Ettenmoors. Elrond found out that more Goblins were setting up camp in the Ettenmoors. He sent Rivendell's two heroes, Glorfindel, Glóin, Idrial & an army of Elves from Lothlórien & Rivendell to destroy Angmar at the Ettenmoors

The snowy goblin Fortress of the Ettenmoors

. Angmar founded that an army of Elves are going to attack the armies of Angmar & Goblins. After the camp was ready, a huge army of Goblins & Angmar are trained to battle with Forged Blades, Heavy armour & Banner carriers. Soon the Elves will come to attack in two hours so the Goblins made the Ettenmoors Fortress (see left) stronger so it wouldn't be destroyed by the Elves. Then two hours has passed but before the battle can begin, five Rivendell Lancers came to the Ettenmoors gate. Trying to destroy the gate, Gorkil
Ettenmoors 2

The Ettenmoors

killed two of the Rivendell Lancers & so the Rivendell lancers joined in the army of Elves. The Elves charged & the combined evil armies charged at the Elves. More Elves are begining to get killed more because of the combined armies of Angmar & Goblins. Some Dwarves & Elves fleed back to Rivendell. Glorfindel & Glóin fleed with the others back to Rivendell But as the battled continued on, Idrial the archer came to fight Gorkil. As the Witch-King of Angmar helped out Gorkil killing her, Gorkil quickly picked up a Lorien archer's bow & shoot her in the right shoulder. Then quickly Gorkil sliced off Idrial's left arm & the Witch-King of Angmar wield his Morgul Blade & stabbed Idrial, falling dead in the snow. When Idrial was killed, Gorkil & the Witch-King continued on killing the rest of the elves of Lothlórien. After all of the Elves were killed, Gorkil now has a bow to kill his enemies & all of the combined forces of Angmar & Goblins won the battle as they moved on to destroying Arnor forever

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