The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth II: Conquest is a fan-fiction game by EA games,

The story has different campaigns, these are the ones

  • Siege of the Goblins
  • The Power of Isengard
  • Conquest of Angmar
  • War of the Dwarves
  • War of the Elves
  • Defenders of Middle-Earth
  • One Evil to command
  • Bonus: The Hobbit (available when other campaigns are completed)

NOTE: these are things are will be added

  • You can type how manny resorces you want (from $0 to even $1000,000,000)
  • There are no command points so you can build the biggest army as you want
  • Every battlefield is way bigger so there is more room for your camp to explore
  • Monster spells do not have time limit, they are reset to 20 minutes if a monster spell is killed (Wyrm, Watcher, Dragon, Mountain Dragon, Ice Werewolf, Eagle)
  • Unit spells do not have time limit, they are reset to 10 minutes if all units are killed (Gundabad Orcs, Mountain Giants, Wights, Spiderlings, Wildmen, Hobbits, Dúnedain, Rohirrim, The Dead, Dale Men, Ents)
  • Summon Spells are set to 20 minutes (Avalanche, Rain of Fire, Sunflare, Flood, Earthquake, Arrow Volley, ETC)
  • Others spells do not have time limit, they are reset to 10 minutes after there done or if flying spy spells are killed (Fell Wind, Blight, War Chant, Untamed Allegiance, Snow Blind, Frozen Land, Freezing Rain, Cave Bats, Scavenger, Darkness, Eye of Sauron, Barricade, Industry, Barrage, Palantír, Crebain, Devastation, Fuel the Fires, Heal, Rebuild, Rallying Call, ETC)
  • When playing Campaign, Skirmish or War of the Ring, there are a list of spells you can add to your spell book or playing against others with your original spells
  • The Hero's spells are added more in a list, so there is more to try out
  • More maps are added to the games (see new maps on the content bar)

NOTE: These are new updates for the "Create-A-Hero" section

  • There are new mounts for your hero to choose (Horse, Eagle, Troll, Dragon, Scorpion, Spider, Warg, Wyrm, Ent)
  • Three new races are added, Hobbit, Arnorian & Dragon for you to customize
  • New Swords & Shields are added for your hero to customize with

Buildings, & Units

  • H stands for Health (at level one and without health improving features).
  • L stands for Level (required to train or research something).
  • P stands for Price (without price lowering features).


New Spells available

  • Drums in the Deep

All Goblins are 10% cheaper

  • Goblins of the Shadows

Summons 3 hordes of Goblin Warriors, Archers & Warg Riders

  • Power of Shadow

All Wild hero's gain 25% ATK & DEF bonuses and their ability timers reacharge 25% quicker

  • Flames of the Abbyss

Calls down Meteors of Fire onto the battlefield

  • Snow Land

Snow starts to fall giving Wild units leadership but removing enemy leadership

  • Wargs of the Hills

Summons 3 Wargs, Warg Riders & Snow Wargs

  • Flames of the Balrog

Summons 3 Dwellers to the Battlefield

  • Summon of the Mountain Dragon

Summons a Mountain Dragon from Moria to the battlefield

  • Beast of the Shadows

Summons a Subterrian Beast in the battlefield



Level/Power Infomation P
Great Goblin (Ring Hero) Lord of the Deep: Summons an army of Goblins & adds Leadership to units near him Use the One ring to summon the Ultra King of the Mines 10000

Lvl 1- Fly/land: Switches between land & on air

Lvl 3- Flaming Area: Can use fire breath on a area

Lvl 4- Fast Flight: Can fly fast for 10 seconds

Lvl 8- Flaming Ignite: Light itself in green flames: healing 20+ health of itself if damaged

Lvl 10- Flames of the Underground: Breathes flames around him & adds Green flames around him

Recruit the Brother of Smaug

Lvl 1- Switch Weapons: Can switch between Staff & Sword

Lvl 3- Spell of the Dark: Can summon 4 Giant Spiderlings

Lvl 4- Lure of Evil: Traps a area & kills them with flames

Lvl 6- Spellcraft: Summons Flames around him, causing 20+ damage to enemies around him

Lvl 10- Mind of the Darkness: Summons an Electric Storm to destroy an area, causing 100+ damage to ememies in the area

Recruit the Mage of the Mountains

Lvl 3- Leadership: Gives Leadership to armies around him

Lvl 4- Dagger Throw: Throws a Dagger at an ememy, causing 30+ damage to selected target

Lvl 8- Troll Mount: Can mount on his Mountain Troll for maximium damage

Lvl 10- Summon Trolls: Summons 4 Cave Trolls to aid him in battle

Recruit the Warrior of Moria


Unit H P Special Upgrades Infomation
Snow Wargs 400 500 Can turn Invisible in Snow when not attacking
  • Defense Stalker: Adds armor to Warg group
  • Silver Slasher: Improves attack skills
  • Alpha Warg: Adds Warg Barrier Carrier to Warg group
Recruit the Wargs of the Misty Mountains
Black Wargs 400 500 Can turn Invisible in forests when not attacking
  • Defense Stalker: Adds armor to Warg group
  • Silver Slasher: Improves attack skills
  • Alpha Warg: Adds Warg Barrier Carrier to Warg group
Recruit the Wargs of Mirkwood
Moria Guardians 600 400 Can climb cliffs/mountains
  • Scavenger: Inproves armor
  • Forged Blades: Improves attack skills
  • Barrier Carrier: Adds Banner Carrier to group
Recruit the Recons of Moria
Goblin Catapult 2000 500 /
  • Flames of Darkness: Adds Green Flame Projectiles to Catapult
Recruit the Machine of the Goblins
Cave Drake 2000 2000

Can use Fire Breath on an area.

Can summon Drakelings

  • Summon Drakelings: Can summon Drakelings to aid
Recruit the Egg Layer of the caves
Spider-Queen 1000 900 Can Summon Spiderlings
  • Heavy Worker: Adds armor to Queen
Recruit the Spider layer
Giant Spiderlings 700 400 /
  • Egg Sacks: Adds poisoning to attack skills
  • Banner Carrier: Adds Banner Carrier to Group
Recruit the Overgrown Creepers of Cirith Ungol
Goblin Plunder Wagon 3000 400 Can be Upragded with 4 choices (left)
  • Goblins Archers: Adds two Goblin Archers to cart
  • Healer: Adds a Mage to Cart to heal allies
  • Gold: Adds gold for bonus riches & resorces
  • Weapons: Gives groups, forged blades near the cart
Recruit the Transferer
Goblin Recon 600 400 Can turn invisible
  • Steath Prowlers: Can switch between invisible & visible
Recruit the Stealth Goblins of the Woods