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Invasion of the Barrow Downs

Alex Lioce January 16, 2012 User blog:Alex Lioce
Alex Lioce/Invasion of the Barrow Downs
Conflict: Fall of Arnor
Date: TA 1409
Place: Barrow-downs
Outcome: The Barrow Downs are now over Angmar's control. The Prince of Cardolan has been slain
Armies of Cardolan Shadowy armies of Angmar
Prince of Cardolan Witch-King, Morgomir, Hwaldar, Rogash, Gorkil the Goblin King, Drogoth the Dragon Lord & Kaltdrache
400,00,00 Armies of Cardolan
400,00,00 Goblins

300,00,00 Rhudaur Men
200,00,00 Snow Trolls
100,00,00 Hill trolls
100,00,00 Dark Rangers
200 Socerers

Heavly over 300,000 armies of Cardolan are killed or wiped out
400,00 armies of Rhudaur Men are killed

The Invasion of the Barrow Downs is a between the shadow armies of Angmar against the armies of Cardolan who holds the Royal Barrow against Hwaldar which he will stand atop it. If Angmar completes this mission, the Men of Cardolan will fail. The Battle began at the time of the Fall of Arnor in March TA 1409.


Morgomir captured all six Palantír shards & managed to destroy the Arnorian Camp on The North Downs with his armies of Dark Rangers & Hill Trolls. Now the Witch-King now moves to Cardolan's most sacrred place of all, The Barrow Downs where their Great Kings of Arnor lie inside the Barrows. The Witch-King now neads Hwaldar to stand on top of the Royal Barrow. Cardolan wasn't affected by the destruction of Amon Sûl so the Witch-king attacks the Barrow Downs, planning to draw out Cardolan's forces into a foolish and self-destructive charge. He sends Hwaldar to claim the royal barrow. To assist the conquest, Hwaldar destroys the attacking forces and kills some Dúnedain rangers that planned attack the reinforcements of Angmar. With him are some Thrall Masters and Sorcerers that have gained power from the Palantír shards. When Hwaldar reaches the Royal Barrow, Cardolan becomes enraged and sends its forces to destroy him. But, the Rhudaur Spearmen & Axethrowers hold back each attack and the Sorcerers cripple and destroy Arnor's soldiers, turning some of them into corrupted Wights. As time passes, more Sorcerers, Thrall Masters, Dark Rangers, Black Númenóreans and Trolls (Snow Trolls & Hill Trolls) arrive; at one point, Morgomir joins the battle. In the end, the Prince of Cardolan himself arrives to answer the challenge, but so does the Witch-king, Rogash, Gorkil, Drogoth & Kaltdrache at the same time. The Prince is eventually killed by the Witch-King and his forces, and Cardolan is laid bare to the enemy

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