Alex Lioce/Foundation of Angmar
[[File:Thrall Master 2|250px]]
Conflict: Fall of Arnor
Date: TA 1300
Place: Angmar
Outcome: Angmar has won their first victory. The Black Númenóreans decided to join with Angmar & so the Conquest for Arnor is about to begin
Enemy Black Númenóreans The Witch-King's new forces
Witch-King, Morgomir, Gorkil & Kaltdrache {{{commander2}}}
500,00 Black Númenóreans 600,00 Snow Trolls

500,00 Hill Trolls 300 Dire Wolves

Heavely over 500,00 are weakened 300 Snow Trolls are killed

10 Dire Wolves killed

The Foundation of Angmar is a battle between the armies of the Witch-King against the enemy Black Númenóreans. The Battle was in the time of the Fall of Arnor in January TA 1300.


The Witch-King, Morgomir & Gorkil arrive at a barren land to the North near the Ettenmoors. They immediately notice a highly intelligent warrior troll, Rogash, and recruit him on the promise that they will reunite the Snow and Hill Trolls. The three Angmar Champions rush to the fighting Trolls, where the Witch-king fulfills his promise to Rogash and unites the Trolls. The Witch-king orders the foundation of three mighty Angmar fortresses while his armies eliminate the Black Númenóreans in the area, freeing other trolls in the process. They meet Kaltdrache, a black Dragon & so he joins with the Witch-King. Soon after, a great army of Black Númenóreans arrive to eliminate the intruders, but the Witch-king and his troll army easily crush them. The Witch-king forces the allegiance of the Black Númenóreans, and Angmar is successfully founded.

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