Alex Lioce/Fall of Amon Sûl
[[File:Amon Sul|250px]]
Conflict: Fall of Arnor
Date: TA 1409
Place: Amon Sûl
Outcome: Angmar won. Amon Sûl falled in ash & stone, Later it was knowed as Weathertop & Arveleg I escaped with the Palantir
Armies of Amon Sûl Shadowy armies of Angmar
Arveleg I Witch-King, Rogash, Morgomir, Hwaldar, Gorkil the Goblin King, Kaltdrache
300,00 armies of Amon Sûl

400 armies of Arnor

900,00,0 armies of Rhudaur Men

600,00 armies of Goblins
600,00 armies of Black Númenóreans
500,00 Dark Rangers
400,00 Snow Trolls
300,00 Hill-trolls
500 Thrall Masters
200 Troll sling catapults
200 Mountain Giants

Heavly over 200,0 armies of Amon Sûl are killed

200 armies of Arnor are slain

400,0 armies of Rhudaur Men are killed

300 Goblins are killed
500 Dark Rangers are killed
12 Mountain Giants are killed

The Fall of Amon Sûl is a battle between the Angmar invasion forces against the armies of Amon Sûl. The Battle was in the time of the Fall of Arnor in January TA 1409.


After Rhudaur was claimed by Angmar & armies of Goblins, Hillmen, Black Númenóreans & other units, The Witch-King builds more units to help Angmar destroy a Great Fortress of Arnor of a place knowed as Amon Sûl. Further invasions from Angmar are thwarted by King Arveleg I, who uses the Palantír of Amon Sul to foresee attacks. To proceed in Arnor's destruction, the Witch-king must destroy Amon Sûl and claim the Palantír.

Rogash, Hwaldar, Morgomir, Gorkil, Kaltdrache and the Witch-king are all involved in this battle. The forces of darkness start off by destroying five Mallorn trees that power various defenses of Amon Sûl. After they are destroyed, they proceed in destroying the walls. Reinforcements of Arnor later arrive, but the enemy units wipes them out completely. Then more Reinforcements of Angmar march towards Amon Sûl. Then Angmar forces turn back towards Amon Sûl and begin destroying the structures in the fortress despite heavy resistance. Angmar eventually summons two Mountain Giants and proceeds to attack the watchtower & the Great Fortress, destroying it once and for all.

Though Angmar has destroyed Amon Sûl, Arveleg has escaped with the Palantír. The Witch-King sends Morgomir to retrieve it.

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