Alex Lioce/Battle of the North Downs
Conflict: Fall of Arnor
Date: TA 1409
Place: The North Downs
Outcome: Angmar has won victory & captured all Palantir shards.
Armies of Arnor Armies of Angmar
Arveleg I Morgomir
200,00 armies of Arnor

100 remaining Dúnedain of Rhudaur

300,00 Goblins

300,00 Hill-trolls
300,00 Dark Rangers
300,00 Gundabad Orcs & Wolf Riders
200 Black Númenóreans
200 Thrall Masters
100 Dire wolves

heavly over 500,00 are killed or slain
200 armies of Dark Rangers are killed

300 armies of Hill Trolls are killed

The Battle of the North Downs is a battle between the armies of Angmar against the Dúnedain of Arnor & Rhudaur. The battle was in the time of The Fall of Arnor in Febuary TA 1409


A small Angmar scout party sent by Morgomir pursues Arveleg. The Dire Wolves make a mad rush for King Arveleg, while the Thrall Masters summon Gundabad Orc Riders to attack the Tower Guards. The combined forces successfully wear down Arveleg, but before he is killed he smashes the Palantír, causing a huge explosion killing everything nearby.

Morgomir and more powerful forces later arrive and notice a shard of the Palantír, which is still filled with power. Arnor also notices it and sends orders to retrieve it. Angmar and Arnor compete and race for mastery of the shards, partially since both of their powers have been nullified by the blast and are regenerated with the Palantír shards. Angmar gets most of them, but when Arnor brings some to their outpost Morgomir and his forces destroy the outpost. After the Arnor outpost is destroyed, Morgomir easily gathers the seven shards and gains victory for Angmar.

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