Alex Lioce/Battle of Fornost (The Final Fall of Fornost)
Conflict: Fall of Arnor
Date: TA 1974
Place: Fornost
Outcome: Angmar has archived victory while Fornost is in ash & flame. & so the Fall of Arnor is over
Huge army of Angmar armies of Arthedain
Witch-King, Morgomir, Karsh, Rogash, Hwaldar, Gorkil the Goblin King & Kaltdrache Haldaûs, King of Fornost

(later Eärnur)

500,00 Goblins

500,00 Black Númenóreans
400,00 Dark Rangers
400,00 Gundabad Orcs & Wolf Riders
300,0 Rhudaur Men
200,0 Socerers
200,0 Snow Trolls
200,0 Hill-trolls
100 Dire wolves

500,00 armies of Arthedain
heavily over 500,00 armies of Arthedain are killed 300 Goblins killed

13 Dire Wolves are killed

The Battle of Fornost (or the Final Fall of Fornost) is a battle between a huge army of Angmar against the armies of Arthedain. This battle was in the time of the Fall of Arnor in August TA 1974.


Angmar has almost completely dominated Arnor, but Fornost still remains to be taken. The Dúnedain and their allies all gather for this final assault. In order to prevent a foolish advance (and subsequent destruction), the Witch-king prepares a base and gathers his forces first. After all the preparations, they begin the assault. Angmar starts by destroying the front gate and some of the outer defenses. Combining the fury of the Angmar army and deadly Angmar ice powers, the Witch-King slowly wears down the fortress one building at a time.

Over night, the armies of Angmar outaken the first outer defenses. Casualties are both sides are high as the Dúnedain desperately battle for their lives and Angmar's army fights in a berserk rage. In the end, the citadel of Fornost is destroyed and the structure falls. Angmar has achieved complete victory over Arnor, and has now opened the opportunity for complete domination of the North. The Fall of Arnor was over

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