Alex Lioce/Battle of Carn Dûm
Conflict: Fall of Arnor
Date: TA 1300
Place: Carn Dûm
Outcome: Angmar & the Goblins have won the battle. Glorfindel has been weakened & retreated back to Rivendell
Elves of Lindon & Trebuchets from the Arnorians Forces & creatures of Angmar & the Goblins
Glorfindel, Elrond Witch-King of Angmar, Gorkil the Goblin King, Morgomir,Rogash, Hwaldar, Drogoth the Dragon Lord
600,00,000 Elves of Lindon

30 Trebuchets of Arnor

700,00,000 Black Númenóreans

600,00,000 Goblins
500,00,000 Dark Rangers
400,00,000 Gundabad Orcs & Wolf Riders
400,00 Snow Trolls
400,00 Hill trolls
300 Barrow-wights
300 Mountain Giants

Heavly over 500,00,000 armies are wiped out 400,00,0 Black Númenóreans killed

300,00,0 Goblins killed
200 Snow Trolls killed
209 Hill Trolls killed

The Battle of Carn Dûm is a battle from the combined shadow armies of Angmar & Goblins Vs. the Elves of Lindon. The battle started in the time of The Fall of Arnor in June TA 1410.


After the invasion of the Barrow Downs, the Witch-King of Angmar & his armies of Goblins & Black Númenóreans march to Carn Dûm to defend it from a army of Elves from Lindon. Glorfindel & Elrond were with the Lindon Elves. Rogash, Morgomir, Hwaldar & Drogoth the Dragon Lord will come if Gorkil or the Witch-King lighted the Beacon. Glorfind
Carn Dum 2

Carn Dûm as seen in Rise of the Witch-King

el, Elrond and the Elves prepare to lead a charge on the capital of Carn Dûm, in an attempt to destroy Angmar and give Arnor time to recover. The Witch-king lights a beacon to call Rogash, and some builders and Hwaldar begin setting up defenses. Soon the Elves arrived & were outside of Carn Dûm. By the time the Elves attack, Carn Dûm is ready. As the battle starts. The Witch-King, Gorkil & the shadowy armies charged at the Elves. As the battle continues. Carn Dûm almost appears to be taken, Rogash, Morgomir, Hwaldar & Drogoth the Dragon Lord arrived with a army of Trolls & Mountain Giants. With these powerful new reinforcements, Carn Dûm is saved from the Elves, Elrond fleeing back to Rivendell & Glorfindel is weakened by Gorkil. Before he can be slain, he was rescued by the Elves. In the meantime, however, Angmar is weakened but not destroyed, and the Witch-king continues to plan the next assault even as both Angmar and Arnor recuperate.

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