The Battle of Carn Dûm is a battle from the combined shadow armies of Angmar & Goblins Vs. the Elves of Lindon. The battle started in the time of The Fall of Arnor in June TA 1410.


After the invasion of the Barrow Downs, the Witch-King of Angmar & his armies of Goblins & Black Númenóreans march to Carn Dûm to defend it from a army of Elves from Lindon. Glorfindel & Elrond were with the Lindon Elves. Rogash, Morgomir, Hwaldar & Drogoth the Dragon Lord will come if Gorkil or the Witch-King lighted the Beacon. Glorfind
Carn Dum 2

Carn Dûm as seen in Rise of the Witch-King

el, Elrond and the Elves prepare to lead a charge on the capital of Carn Dûm, in an attempt to destroy Angmar and give Arnor time to recover. The Witch-king lights a beacon to call Rogash, and some builders and Hwaldar begin setting up defenses. Soon the Elves arrived & were outside of Carn Dûm. By the time the Elves attack, Carn Dûm is ready. As the battle starts. The Witch-King, Gorkil & the shadowy armies charged at the Elves. As the battle continues. Carn Dûm almost appears to be taken, Rogash, Morgomir, Hwaldar & Drogoth the Dragon Lord arrived with a army of Trolls & Mountain Giants. With these powerful new reinforcements, Carn Dûm is saved from the Elves, Elrond fleeing back to Rivendell & Glorfindel is weakened by Gorkil. Before he can be slain, he was rescued by the Elves. In the meantime, however, Angmar is weakened but not destroyed, and the Witch-king continues to plan the next assault even as both Angmar and Arnor recuperate.