Alex Lioce/Assault on Rhudaur
[[File:Hwaldar 2|250px]]
Conflict: Fall of Arnor
Date: TA 1356
Place: Rhudaur
Outcome: Angmar destroyed all of Rhudaur's Arnorian camps & Rhudaur is now over Angmar's control
400,00,00 Arnorians 500,00,00 Hillmen & Goblins
Argeleb I Witch-King of Angmar, Morgomir, Kaltdrache
400,00,00 Arnorians of each camp 500,00,00 Goblins

500,00,00 Rhudaur Men

Heavly over 400,00 Arnorians are wiped out 300,0 Hillmen killed

200,0 Goblins killed

The Assault on Rhudaur is a battle between the Dark armies of Goblins & Hillmen against the Arnorians in the two camps. The battle was in the time of The Fall of Arnor in July TA 1356.


After the attack of the Ettenmoors near Angmar, Hwaldar, the chieftain of the Rhudaur Hillmen was kept hostiled by the Arnorians. The Witch-King & his armies of Hillmen & Goblins march towards Rhudaur to destory any Arnorian warriors that lie on the hills. but Morgomir recognizes a valuable ally to control the Hillmen of Rhudaur. The Witch-king and his army eliminate the Loyalists and recruit the rebels. Soon after, they destroy the Dúnedain guarding Hwaldar and free him. They then proceed to attack the mighty Arnor fortresses in Rhudaur, but the attack (while successful on one fortress) weakens the Angmar forces badly and King Argeleb I soon arrives to finish them off.

Just as King Argeleb I was going to kill the rest, Kaltdrache comes & saves the remaining forces & kills Argeleb with his claws & flames. Morgomir brilliantly trains the Thrall Masters to replenish the Angmar army and wipe out King Argeleb's army. They then destroy the other fortress, claiming total control over Rhudaur & the Rhudaur Hillmen now have camps on their hills.

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