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July 11, 2008

This is so annoying, because who the hell now knows about such things as Arda, the cosmos, Sauron or Melkor? Or better still, Melkor? Nobody. Is it because nobody cares or has forgotten how we speak to our kings? If this is the case, then allow me to introduce myself.

It's been a while, boy. You've done well to sneak into this Wiki and wriggle all your way up here. Feel priviliged that at least you've been given the right to speak because if I had the mind I could just eradicate you right now and wipe your sorry form off the face of the Universe. Melkor may have been banished, but his corruption still lingers. And like I now know, corruption still remains, even in the 21st Century with all our technology, satellites and what the hell happened to all those decades right before Jesus? Anyway, that's life.

You may or may not be pleased to recall that Peter Jackson has corrupted men's thoughts. Just as it is as cold as Forochel, right now on the 11th December 2008, because this winter is one of the coldest for years (probably a curse of Melko, eh?) so it is as ghastly on this homepage.

User: DarkXSamusEdit

The world is a changeling. Who now has the strength to stand against the armies of both Korincus and Cargatha-X, since the reunion of the two assholes? To stand against the might of Wikipedia and YouTube, with the reunion of the two capitalists.

The old world shall flag down passing hitchhikers and burn in the fires of Wikipedia. YouTube shall fall. We shall drive them to war with the sword and the spear and the iron fist of the Troll. Nothing shall appease us, for the YouTubers took my land, they drove my people into the holes to scratch a living off of Cadburys and I suppose this means we cannot go shopping, more likely than as not we cannot even proceed, simply because of a simple short-term arrangement which bares its appropriate teeth against communism. If all bodes ill on this homepage, where else will you stand?

Indeed Caradhras was the most powerful mount in Arda. None, not even the Fellowship of the Poof could even understand its might or pass through its barren beacons. And even though Sauron is a retard, there are many others in Arda who stand him firm. Melkor, for instance. Now he ruled.

Gandalf (impatient): Hobbits!Edit

Will Rohan's army come? asked the Gondorians off of Mithrandir, gawping at amazement at his spectacular conjuring tricks, which were not even a mistaking conjuror of cheap tricks could defeat. Indeed, they did not succeed what lay ahead, when the Sun had failed and the Moon was dead, because Smeagol was not so different from a hobbit once, but ah shit I'm talking about the movies. This is the page belonging to DarkXSamus, who is hereby priviliged to be logged into such an amazing Wiki, which means that therefore there is no point in lingering, and we shall sit on the edge of ruin and talk, as Gandalf says, but I am myself content to fare on the oculars of my lot. Salem, indeed. And now the Hobbits are moving closer to Isengard!

Another deviation from the bookEdit

This is made clear by a rather unnecessary quote which Legolas makes in Rohan in the movie of The Two Towers. After him, Aragorn and Gimli so foolishly left Sam and Frodo to die, or worse, fall into the hands of Gollum and become wasted ring-junkies like him, and so long ago Saruman kidnapped Meriadoc and Peregrin and left them to die in the hands of his Uruks, but then Eomer slaughtered the Uruks during the night. They took two hobbits, didja see any hobbits with them? Gimli begged, dog-like, and Peter Jackson hates Dwarves, to the plural being that he says they're unfit, and Theoden barely looks at Gimli when he says Dwarves, and I bet in the script Dwarves are either a) spelt with a lower case 'd', or b) spelt like Dwarfs. Why did Legolas have to see the Uruks taking Meriadoc and Peregrin? That ruined an otherwise superb scene! Speaking of which, Legolas always says the blatant obvious.

They do not see what lies aheadEdit

User: DarkXSamus was once Cargatha-X on YouTube, if you will so kindly check out for 'proof' upon reading its information on the Wikitroid encylopedia. But unfortunately everyone dissed DarkXSamus, aka Cargatha-X, and this leads us through a series of events to a chain of coincidences which unleashes a chain throughout the British Museum, Cargatha-X is once again unleashed upon the Earth once more, eager to fulfil his quest for corruption. But inevitably, nobody has even countered with the insatiablility of the adventurers George Bush, and Bill Clinton, and therefore they do not see what lies ahead.

When these two forces clashEdit

In the original version of The Hobbit, the insatiable Bilbo nicked the One Ringer from Smeagol until an untold riddle competition had left him penniless. Indeed, there was something similar about Gollum all the way along, being that he knew the same riddles and answers as Bilbo did and he tried his best not to cheat, and unfortunately nobody seemed to care, because the riddles in the dark were just a sad little 'solitary hero' type thing, not apart from being epic at the very least. Surprises happen, no doubt. But an even more powerful force born of the darkest rituals of Numenor has also been unleashed in Arda. When those two forces clashed, they released a huge destructor-force chain of events, which would bring about the next Acrocalypse.

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