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August 13, 2011
  • I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is Fan Fiction Writer and Xbox LIVE/Steam Player
  • I am Male
  • Hello I am a LOTR fan please don't disterbing me during my time thanks,*

Ever since I read The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings, I had loved it. My most favorite things that I love about Lord of the Rings is the Creatures. Why? because ever since I was mabye 6 or 7 years old I loved creatures. Mostly when 6 years old, I discovered Jason Voorhees, a Hockey Masked Serial Killer from The Friday the 13th Francise & lots of Horror Films like Jaws (1975), Halloween (1978), The Shining (1980), & A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). When I was 11 years old, bravely I have seen most of the Horror movies that I don't find that me scary. So now I am living with my Mom & Brother, my Mom will soon be married to John (My new Dad) & soon I mabye or not will see more Horror Films

NOTE: From January 1st to possibly Feb 2nd, I will make new Blog posts of the Battles seen in the Rise of the Witch-King but with Goblins & Heroes of the Goblin Faction (Gorkil, Shelob & Drogoth the Dragon Lord) the Angmar Blog Posts are now completed

These are the Blog Posts that are completed

  • Jan 1st, Siege of Ettenmoors (Completed)
  • Jan 5th, Battle of Carn Dûm (Completed)
  • Jan 13th, Fall of Arnor (Completed)
  • Jan 13th, Assault on Rhudaur (Completed)
  • Jan 15th, Kaltdrache the Dragon (Completed)
  • Jan 15th, Invasion of the Barrow Downs (Completed)
  • Jan 17th, The Great Plague (Return of the Barrow Downs) (Completed)
  • Jan 19th, Invasion of Amon Sûl (Completed)
  • Jan 20th, Battle on the North Downs (Completed)
  • Jan 21th, Foundation of Angmar (The Rise of Angmar) ( Completed)
  • Jan 22nd, Battle of Fornost (Fall of Fornost) (Completed)

News from W.n101:

War of the Ring (Evil) (Will be postponed until The Hobbit Campaign will be done)

  1. Lothlórien
  2. Grey Havens
  3. Ettenmoors
  4. Blue Mountains
  5. High Pass
  6. The Shire
  7. Fornost
  8. Mirkwood
  9. East Bight
  10. Dol Guldur
  11. Amon Hen
  12. Celduin
  13. Withered Heath
  14. Moria
  15. Erebor
  16. Rivendell
  17. Rohan
  18. Mount Gundabad
  19. Fangorn Forest
  20. Minas Tirith

Bonus: On April 1st, I have 1,000 edits since Aug, 2011 so i will be having more edits :) Just want to say: From Aug 2011, I like this wiki & became my favorite wiki of all of wikia, but now, it seems so dull since LOTRnerd has left. If i were going to solve this problem, we would all apologize to her & then, the wiki will be back in buinness, just saying, it could work if possible Sorry If I was away for a while, I was quite busy with stuff I had to do, but now I am back :) & I heard of the Epic New Hobbit movie coming December 14, 2012 (I am SUPER Excited about this! :D) so I decided to make my own blog posts for my own Hobbit Campaign Blogs so yes, I may have a lot of troops that you might say in the Comments "The Numbers are too Great", well I am making this like this was made from WORLD BUILDER so that's why I am adding more troops, for a bigger army. You are welcome to leave the comments below on my Blog Posts & for sure, I will see the Hobbit & I will promise you, It will be the best movie EVER of 2012 so stay tuned... :)

Pictures I have used

  • Shelob

  • The Cave bats searches the enemy when summonedGo to Cave bats
  • The Dragon strike-dragon kills the enemy when sorching flamesGo to Dragon strike
  • Spider riders kills the ones with spears nor arrows with your controlGo to spider riders
  • The Dragon strike-dragon shown hereGo to Dragon strike
  • The dragon of Isengard/Goblins kills the ones with blue firey breathGo to Goblin/Isengard dragon
  • The watcher can kill enemies with it's snake-like tentaclesGo to Watcher in the Water
  • Azog the goblin chieftainGo to Azog
  • A Wyrm attack the dwarvesGo to Wyrm
  • The Wyrm shown hereGo to Wyrm

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