Uruk-hai scouts

The Uruk-hai Scouts.

"Find the halfling!"
Lurtz to the Uruk-hai Scouts (movie only)

War of the RingEdit

Hunting the FellowshipEdit

Saruman's main and only mission for the Uruk-hai Scouts was to retrieve the One Ring, sending them with instructions to bring back both it, and its bearer. The Fellowship of the Ring was to be killed, and the Ring brought to Isengard. However, not having instructed them to the specific individual, Saruman ordered the scouts to take the halflings alive and therefore the Scouts kidnapped Merry and Pippin, and began heading back to Isengard at full haste. They were met with reinforcements sent from Isengard under the command of Mauhúr. They were, however slowed by the less indurent Grishnákh and his orc patrol. They were later ambushed by Rohirrim and wiped out.


Untitled 18

The Scouts receiving their mission from Saruman.

In the Peter Jackson Films, the first leader of the Uruk-hai Scouts is Lurtz, the best developed Uruk to ever live. At his death, the command of the Scouts was taken by Ugluk. In the books, Ugluk had the command from the beginning.

Notable Uruk-hai ScoutsEdit

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