Uppsala Tolkiensällskap also known as Midgard Fylking is a Tolkien Society of Sweden based in the city Uppsala.


The society was founded in 1973 to bring together lovers of Tolkien's mythology but the group is not a literary association. It mainly focuses on social gatherings and other such events where members talk about their ideas for fantasies and pretend realities based on Tolkien Mythology. They meet a number of times a year in various places. The society has good relationships with fellow Swedish Tolkien societies Forodrim, The Tolkien Society of Sweden, and Mithlond, Göteborgs Tolkiensällskap (The Tolkien Society of Sweden Gothenburg) in which they visit each others' events and gatherings. There is also a bit of a friendly rivalry between them in which they try to outdo each other at their respective anniversary gatherings.

The society is secret and one can only join if he or she has a recommendation from an existing member. Its events, gatherings, and even members are private as well. It has around 200 active members, all over the age of 18. Their website is presented in Swedish only.

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