Upbourn was a hamlet located in Rohan, south of Edoras on the banks of the Snowbourn in the valley of Harrowdale.

Upbourn was one of the small villages that lay in the White Mountains, in the valley of the River Snowbourn known as Harrowdale. This placed it close to Rohan's capital of Edoras, and indeed it was on the road between Edoras and the mountain refuge of Dunharrow. Thus Théoden and his armies of Rohirrim passed through Upbourn during the War of the Ring, at the beginning of the journey that would lead them east to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.[citation needed]

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Video GamesEdit

In the game The Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring, the real-time strategy game from 2003 based off of the books, (not the movies) there are two missions, one for the good campaign, one for the evil campaign, in which you are fighting over the city of Upbourn. In the evil campaign (since, in chronological order, the evil mission takes place first), you have control of Saleme, an assassin from Harad, who was sent from Mordor to take the city, either by assassinating the captain there named Wulfhelm with Haradrim Slayers, a special unit that, with an upgrade, can be invisible to all unless there are detector units, or by force, by killing all the people in the town after destroying the base outside the city. You can also get Gollum, the Witch-King, and Grishnakh. For the good campaign, you control Gandalf the White and Erkenbrand, the lord of Helm's Deep, on their way to Helm's Deep, when they arrive at Upbourn, and decide to take back the city by: 1) Purge the Orcs from the city. 2) Kill the Orc Captain guarding the Great Hall. 3) Destroy the Orc base. 4) Destroy the War Posts planted on the barrows south of Upbourn's Gate. 5) Save the horses (optional).

Upbourn Gate

The Gate of Upboun in The Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring.

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