The Undertowers was a settlement of Hobbits in the newly-granted Westmarch province of the Shire.

The Undertowers was over one-hundred miles west of Hobbiton and about fifty miles west of Greenholm.[1]


The Undertowers was founded by Fastred of Greenholm and his wife Elanor the Fair, the daughter of Sam Gamgee between the time the Westmarch was given to the Hobbits of the Shire in FO 32 (SR 1452) by King Elessar and FO 41 (SR 1465), when Thain Peregrin I, at Sam's request made Fastred the Warden of Westmarch. There the couple founded the Fairbairn family having two children: Elfstan Fairbairn and Fíriel Fairbairn. Here the Red Book, which Sam gave to them in FO 61 (SR 1482) was preserved forever after.[2]


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