Ulbar was a Man of Númenór.


Ulbar shepherd of Emerië turned mariner and father of Îbal. He originally tended sheep on a farm in Emerië that was owned by Hallatan of Hyarastorni. He married and woman and had one son, Îbal. When he heard of the formation of the Guild of Venturers by Aldarion, he joined it and became a crewman on the Hirilondë and sailed with him to and from Middle-earth and other lands as well. He was gone for many years.

When Ulbar returned to Númenor, he rode with Aldarion and Henderch to Emerië when Aldarion went to visit his wife. Ulbar did not stay and instead by his lord's leave went home to his house in Hyarastorni where his family and friends were awaiting his return. During a celebration of Ulbar's return, Aldarion came to the house desiring rest during which time he spoke to Ulbar's son Îbal about seafaring and gave a red jewel on a band of gold to his wife, as a reward for Ulbar's six years of service to him.

Ulbar greatly respected Aldarion calling him the "The Great Captain".[1]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ዑልባር
Arabic ولبار
Belarusian Улбар
Bengali ঊল্বার
Bulgarian Улбар
Dari ولبار
Georgian ულბარი
Gujarati ઊલ્બર
Hebrew ולבאר
Hindi ऊल्बर
Kazakh Ұлбар
Kurdish ولبار
Kyrgyz Улбар
Macedonian Улбар
Mongolian Улбар
Nepali ऊल्बर
Pashto ولبار
Persian ولبار
Russian Улбар
Sanskrit ऊल्बर्
Serbian Улбар (Cyrillic) Ulbar (Latinised)
Sinhala ඌල්බර්
Tajik Улбар
Tamil ஊல்பர் ?
Telugu ఊల్బర
Tigrinya ዑልባር
Ukrainian Улбар
Urdu ولبار
Uyghur ۇلبار
Uzbek Улбар (Cyrillic) Ulbar (Latinised)
Yiddish ולבאַר


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