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Uinen, The Lady of the Sea


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The Lady of the Sea
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Before the creation of Arda
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Uinen (Quenya; IPA: [ˈuɪnen] - "No Water") was a Maia spirit known as The Lady of the Sea and the wife of Ossë and patron to all mariners.


Before the Sun and the MoonEdit

Uinen loves all creatures that lived in the saltwater streams of the world and the weeds that grow in them. Her love calms the violent tidal waves and storms created by Ossë keeping him in line and from going too far. Her hair spreads throughout waters and lies on their surfaces. During the early days Arda when Ossë rebelled against Ulmo and the other Valar and served Melkor, Uinen helped bring him back to the allegiance of Ulmo. Ever afterward, she restrained her husband's violence in the seas and on the coasts.[1] The Teleri had much love for Uinen, as she and Ossë had befriended them at the river Sirion.[2] Uinen wept for the Teleri mariners after the Kinslaying at Alqualondë.[3]

Second AgeEdit

During the Second Age, the mariners of Númenór would cry to her for help, because she was capable of calming Ossë, and they lived under her protection while their respect for the Valar endured. It was also part of Númenórean legend that she had the island of Tol Uinen placed in the Bay of Rómenna as a gift to the people of Númenór.[1]

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