This article is about the place in Mordor. For the fortress with a related name, see Utumno.

Udûn (Mordor)

Orc armies that marched through Udûn to the Black Gates.

Udûn was a depressed valley located in northwestern Mordor. It laid between Cirith Gorgor and the Isenmouthe, and was traversed by large armies of Sauron in times of war.

Within its circumference were many Orc-holds (as told in The Return of the King), including Durthang, the forges, and the forts at Carach Angren.[1][2]


Udûn originated with the creation of the lands of Mordor. During both the war of the Last Alliance and the War of the Ring, the vast armies of Mordor passed through here and out the Black Gate to confront their enemies.[1][2]


Udûn meant "hell" in Sindarin.[2]

Portrayal in adaptions Edit

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Edit

Following the Battle of Dagorlad, Udûn became populated by Gondorian outcasts known as the Outcasts of Udûn. However upon Sauron's return to Mordor, following his defeat at Dol Guldur at the hands of the White Council, the outcasts were either enslaved or driven out of Udûn by Sauron's forces.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Belarusian Удуна
Hebrew אודון ?
Russian Удун
Ukrainian Удун


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