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The Twelve Houses of Gondolin were the twelve most noble houses of the city of Gondolin. They also formed most of the city's army.

House Name Leader Description Heraldry
House of the King Turgon King's guard, last line of defense Argent moon, Or (gold) sun, gules (red) heart.
House of the White Wing Tuor Tuor's guard, stoutest of the folk of Gondolin Argent wing
House of the Mole Maeglin Maeglin's guard, black armor, round caps covered in moleskin Sable field
House of the Harp Salgant Valiant battalion, leader was a coward Argent harp, sable field
House of the Golden Flower Glorfindel Valiant host, leader killed by Balrog (which died also), golden armor Or flower
House of the Fountain Ecthelion Leader slew Gothmog, marched into battle playing flutes Fountain, favored white and crystals
House of the Pillar Penlod Leader was tallest of the Gondolindrim Pillar
House of the Tower of Snow Penlod See above Argent tower
House of the Heavenly Arch Egalmoth Part of archer unit in the city, opal in helmet 7 gems - color of rainbow
House of the Swallow Duilin 2nd part of archers, had feather plumes in helmets Arrowhead
House of the Tree Galdor Missile unit in city, used clubs and slings, wore green Tree
House of the Hammer of Wrath Rog Largest house, all died in the Fall of Gondolin, used hammers and maces Stricken Anvil

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